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Colored glaze colors change depending on the batches vary slightly. When shopping or buying a glaze is necessary to take this possibility into account and strive to always provide the same production lot. Option is also a practical test tone paint under the same conditions. The same basic menu of Shade glaze with 1024 LUSONOL EXTRA LAZURA S 1025 PRO and 1026 PRO WITH EXTRA LAZURA is an advantage for their possible mutual recoating. In particular, the use of priming with 1024 and then a thick-layer overcoating with 1025 or with the 1026th

However, it should be noted that the application can not reach consensus on the color of glaze. The different tone of color is determined by the injection, the type of wood, a real layer of glaze and different value settings gloss glaze. In any case, not be confused with shades of stain with synthetic fill LUSONOL 1023 and the identification and composition of different thick water-based stains in 1407 FORTELUX Aqua.